JAPANESE BOMBERS (30% discount for 3 volumes, see details below)

Product image 2JAPANESE BOMBERS  (30% discount for 3 volumes, see details below)
Product image 3JAPANESE BOMBERS  (30% discount for 3 volumes, see details below)
Product image 4JAPANESE BOMBERS  (30% discount for 3 volumes, see details below)
Product image 5JAPANESE BOMBERS  (30% discount for 3 volumes, see details below)

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64 pages - 1969 - Used, Good condition
This fine book, which contains photographs and illustrated profiles, tells the history of various Japanese bombers during the Second World War.


Book cover finish
Hardcover ( square back binding )
Used, very good condition
Number of pages
Published date
Language English
Collection / Series
22 x 26 x 1 cm
Author René J. Francillon
Editor Hylton Lacy Publishers Ltd


Carrying the brunt of air operations against the Allies during the Pacific War, the Imperial Japanese Navy had developed an efficient air arm which blazed the trail for the conquering Nipponese forces. Despite the fact that in December 1941 this Service was known to operate ten aircraft carriers capable of embarking 620 aircraft and to have land - based bombers capable of transoceanic raids, the Allies ignored its potential striking power : the Americans kept their battleships neatly aligned at Pearl Harbor whilst the British sailed their H.M.S. Prince of Wales and H.M.S. Repulse without air cover. Within a week of the start of hostilities the aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy had achieved complete air superiority from Malaya to Hawaii. The strength and versatility of the Naval Air Arm at the outbreak of the Second World War was the result of long - term planning which spanned the years between the two great world wars. It is therefore desirable to provide an objective evaluation of the design, achievements and shortcomings of some of the most famous bomber aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1939 - 1945.

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René J. Francillon

René Jacquet - Francillon ( March 11th, 1937 - March 8th, 2018 ) was born in Italy. He grew up in Provence ( France ) and witnessed the ballet of American aircraft during " Operation Dragoon ", the landing operation of Allied invasion of the area ( August 15th - September 14th, 1944 ). His interest in aviation began probably at this time. 

Holder of Ph.D. ( Philosophiæ doctor : Doctor of Philosophy ) in Economics and graduated from the University of Lausanne ( Vaud, Switzerland ) in Economics of Air Transport, he emigrated to the United States in 1961. René Jacquet - Francillon has worked as a consultant for several  aircraft manufacturers. He took part as engineer at Douglas to the giant cargo plane CX - HLS programme ( Cargo Experimental, Heavy Logistic Supports ). 

In 1958, he published his first book on aviation in Belgium. In August 1982, he started to collaborated with Le Fana de l'Aviation magazine. René Jacquet - Francillon has published many books and articles about aviation in Europe and the United States as well. He used to live in Vallejo ( Solano, California, United States ), until he died of pneumonia at the age of 80. 

Here are some of his publications : Pilotes de B - 52 ( with Peter B. Lewis, 1991 ), Du Comet à l'A380 : Histoire des avions de ligne à réaction ( Collection Docavia, No. 53, 2005 ), La grande histoire du ravitaillement en vol ( 2008 ), Mustang, le North American P - 51 ( 2014 ), Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club : U.S. carrier operations off Vietnam, 1964 - 1975 ( 2018 ). 

( source : Wikipedia ) 

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