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Helicopter game - 1996 - Used, good condition
Through this game, the player will experience the exciting feeling of flying the most formidable frontline helicopter gunship in the Soviet Military Arsenal : the Hind.


Special features In a box, Provided with one CD, the Hind player's notes, the Installation Guide, a sheet of paper on which are explained ( in English, in French and in German ) the changes to PowerMac version of Installation Guide, the Digital Integration Registration Card, the Firebird 2 for Macintosh Quick Install
Condition Used, good condition
Published date 1996
Language English
Size 18.6 x 23.7 x 4.050 cm
Author Digital Integration Limited
Editor Digital Integration Limited




The Hind. Known as the " Bogeyman " by N.A.T.O. ground troops, there is no equivalent in the Western inventory. The Mi - 24 Hind has accumulated unrivalled combat experience, providing the backbone of first line assault helicopter regiments in at least nineteen nations. Deliveries of the Hind are known to have exceeded 2,300, with more than 1,250 deployed throughout the Soviet Army. Designed to carry troops to the battlefield and support them with impressive firepower, the Hind has become a well - respected adversary of N.A.T.O. forces.


Hind TM is a fitting sequel to our award - winning Apache Longbow TM. The two products will link as the first step to Digital Integration's Virtual Battlefield TM. This is our first product to feature ground troops, providing a striking improvement to the sense of reality. We have introduced the new concept of the " Silicon WSO " - an intelligent crew member who will perform the functions of the Weapon Systems Operator in the front cockpit when you have your hands full just staying alive !


( ... ) Hind has been designed to entertain the widest audience possible. From the instant excitement of Quickstart to the authentic and challenging multi - mission Campaigns, there is something for everyone in Hind. ( ... )

Digital Integration Limited

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