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The Bristol F2B Fighter is without doubt one of the best know aeroplanes of « The Great War » and soldiered


Format 21 x 29,7 x 0,2 cm
Nbr. de pages 20
Finition Agrafé
Année d’édition 1995
Langue Anglais
Réédition? 1ère édition: 1987
Auteur J.M. Bruce
Collection / Série Wind-Sock Datafiles


The Bristol F2B Fighter is without doubt one of the best know aeroplanes of « The Great War » and soldiered on after the Armistice in various forms until the mid 1930s. It is generally conceded by most aero historians that the « Biff » later « Brisfit » was the best all around combat machine to see service in the first air war and came to be highly regarded by all those fortunate enough to have flown it. For DATAFILE No.4 Jack Bruce has produced a fascinating pictorial essay which ideally complements his Vintage Warbirds Bristol Fighter volume published by Arms and Armour Press in 1985 and which is to be recommended for further study. In this DATAFILE there will be found a number of rare photographs published for the very first time, in particular those showing a colourful No.39 (HD) Squadron nightfighter, subject of the cover profile. The rôle of the « Biff » as a home defence machine is rarely emphasized in general descriptions of the type but it performed this duty splendidly to the close of hostilities. During the night of May 19/20, 1918, Lieutenant AJ Arkell and First Air Mechanic ATC Stagg from No.39 HDS in Bristol F2B C4636 shot down a Gotha bomber over East Ham while another F2B crew, Lieutenants E E Turner and H B Barwise, from No. 141 HDS (in C851) downed Gotha GV979/16 near Frinstead during the same raid.
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