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64 pages - 1968 - Used, acceptable
This fine book, which contains photographs and illustrated profiles, tells the history of various British and American bombers used by the R.A.F. during the Second World War.


Book cover finish
Hardcover ( square back binding )
Used, acceptable
Number of pages
Published date
Language English
Collection / Series
22 x 26 x 1 cm
Author Philip J.R. Moyes
Editor Hylton Lacy Publishers Ltd


At no time has the interest in aircraft of the Second World War been as great as it is today. Already many books have been published in this country on the main combat planes of the period, Allied and Enemy alike, and scale - model aircraft kits are equally numerous. Yet the enthusiasts everywhere seem to be demanding more information on this absorbing subject every day.

The most frequent plea is for information about the operational histories of the Second World War aircraft rather than merely their development histories, because the latter have, in many cases, already been adequately recorded. Coupled with this in an ever - increasing demand for colour illustrations of the subjects described - and indications are that this requirement is by no means confined to modellers, for many non - " kit bashers " apparently derive great pleasure from seeing famous aircraft of yesteryear recreated by a skilful artist.

( ... ) The second volume describes six separate types of aircraft, ranging from the Vickers Wellesley single - engined bomber ( which, to quote Mr. James Goulding, who well remembers their first public appearance at the 1937 Hendon Air Pageant, " resembled sailplanes rather than bombers " ) to the really purposed - looking Handley Page Halifax four - engined bomber. None of the aircraft in this volume could be called outstanding in so far as their war records go - and indeed it is probably true to say, in some cases, that any successes they were involved in were achieved in spite of their qualities rather than because of them ! To be fair, though, aircraft were frequently misemployed in wartime and expected to perform tasks to which, for one reason or another, they were totally unsuited. ( ... )
London, 1968
Philip J.R. Moyes

Philip J.R. Moyes is an author specialized in aviation and military aircraft, whom has published several books on these very topics, such as : The Handley Page Heyford ( Profile Publications No. 182, 1967 ), Pictorial History of the RAF ( with John W.R. Taylor, 1970 ), Airscene ( No. 2, 1971 ), Aircraft Illustrated ( January 1974 ), Yesterday's RAF Fighters : A photo survey ( 1976 ). 

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