Thibault Lapers

19 years old, IHECS student, aviation geek, planespotter for 4 years.

November 2020

I have a 3 months experience at The Aviation Eye as founder and chief and 17 months experience at, writing articles as Junior News Editor.

I also have a +24 months experience managing Air Belgium Fans (KF/ABB) Facebook Group and afterwards other social media. I'm also one of the leader of Air Antwerp Fans (WP/ATW) Facebook Group, for +12 months.

I have a lot of interest in aviation, tech, media, news, public transports and general culture, however I still have some interest but less in science, nature, languages, trips, geography, history, photography and many more.

Every beginning and end of week, I’m busy with social networks by posting the current entries and also answering to your questions.

My social media : @TLspotting & @ThibaultLapers

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