Mehdi Schneyders


Mehdi Schneyders was born in Etterbeek ( Brussels, Belgium ), on May 17th, 1979, from a Belgian father and a South African – Indian mother. Since 1982, he lives in Wavre ( Belgium ).

Being a great dreamer, he has always let his passions setting the pace for his life. Among these, there is drawing. As a pure self – taugh person ( presumably at the age of 4 ), Mehdi began to draw every day… and did not stop since then !

The comic strip ? Like Obélix, he fell in from an early age. Through this one welled up in him two consuming passions : the American Civil War ( The Bluecoats, No. 16 : Bronco Benny ) at the age of 7 ( thank you, the Tooth Fairy ) and the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. This significant second event occured when he was 12 years old. Mehdi discovered, by opening the Belgian daily newspaper Le Soir, the first comic board of Spitfire Parade, one of Biggles’ adventures ( a novel series created the British writer William Earl Johns ) adapted by the French cartoonist Francis Bergèse. Never missing a single issue of the newspaper, he received the comic book at his request one year later. The virus is definitively in him !

At the age of 13, mostly with the support of relatives and teachers as well, he took the following decision : « I will make my passion my profession ». One year later, Mehdi went to pursue his art education ( equivalent to Modern Apprenticeships in the United Kingdom ) at the I.A.T.A. ( Namur, Belgium ), option « Applied Arts » ( 1993 – 1998 ). Exhausted, he finished nonetheless in a state of grace.

In September 1998, he attended the École des Beaux – Arts de Saint – Luc ( present – day École Supérieure des Arts, Liège, Belgium ), in the « Illustration » section. His goal was to work in comics. He saw the end of the tunnel in 2002………. ingloriously.

His studies completed, then began the working life Monopoly going through the square « job seeker ». One must work, both his passions and projects must be funded. Therefore, Mehdi moved his piece on the square « temporary employment ». He is not enthusiastic about that, but a work is a work. That lasted two years. He continued to draw on the side, to develop a comic strip project. This one came about during his last year at Saint – Luc, but remained unmaterialized. Nevertheless, because he is passionate about the subject ( the R.A.F., of course ), he is determined not to drop it.

The key word is and remains drawing, either project unfolds for him. Alternately caricaturist, then computer graphics designer, Mehdi wished to get back to his comic strip project, starting with an adequate documentation. Perfectionist and detail oriented about historical accuracy of the subject matter, he goes, from February 2009, to meet some former R.A.F. airmen. To thank them, portraits of these persons came about. By a combination of circumstances, said portraits arouse the interest of a free researcher from the Air & Space Section ( Royal Museum of Army and Military History in Brussels, Belgium ). Their collaboration lasted three years.

Since then, according to meetings, he began to be requested for his work. Showing patience, self – denial and unwavering optimism, Mehdi proposes a fine, fiddly and precise work, with the aim to reach perfection. Following a wonderful experience as an English « teacher » ( he hates this term, though ) within the Kids&Us Language School of Wavre ( from March 9th to June 22nd, 2018 ), working two jobs seems to him quite obvious, even needful.

How did he end up within the éditions pat.H ? By the most simplest way. On February 27th, 2019, following the reception of an E – mail with the latest news about the dream of Icarus ( thank you, Yves Duwelz ), an advertisement catched his eyes. Having not hesitated for a second, Mehdi phoned the contact person ( Patricia Henrion ) and, on Tuesday, March 5th, the meeting ( the first working day, in truth ) took place. Since then, on a daily basis, Mehdi has got joy to be able to devote himself to three of his great passions ( drawing, books and aviation ). Always with the aim to reach perfection, he spares no effort to dig up necessary informations and to cross reference sources ( while ruminating on others’ mistakes ), in order to perfect the presentations on the online sales site :


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