The goals of the NPO Belgian Aviation Preservation Association are the restoration, the conservation and the exhibition of aircrafts or any activities relating to the preservation of aviation heritage in any form. The BAPA's vocation is to present our rich aeronautical heritage, enable it to be appreciated by as many members of the public as possible and keep alive the skills required to build and maintain this heritage.

Belgian Aviation Preservation Association

This site does not pretend to make a complete and detailed history of all the planes and engines produced by Renard's establishments. To do so, you must refer to the book « Les avions Renard » of which some excerpts have been used to create this site. Its purpose is to make discover to the greatest number of people a small part of the archives of plans and photos which, until now, remained confined in drawers. An aeronautical industry: the Renard workshops, an aeronautical industry based in Brussels (avenue Bordet), the Renard workshops built between 1928 and the beginning of the war more than 14 aircraft of very varied types (transport, observation, hunting, training) both civil and military. Mr A. Renard is with Mrs Stampe and Vertongen de Deurne, with whom he collaborated, one of the rare Belgian manufacturers to have built in series.

Le Fonds Renard

The BAMF was created in 1981 by the founding fathers of the AELR with the aim of raising funds for the preservation of Belgium's aeronautical heritage. These funds are collected from individuals and companies. Beneficiary projects are selected by its Board of Directors, and their financing is carried out within the framework imposed by the Law (Article 104 of the Income Tax Code). This provision implies full and conclusive justification by the beneficiaries of the expenses incurred within the framework of the financing. The terms and conditions are set out in a contract signed between the parties concerned.

Brussels Air Museum Funds

News about Aviation in Belgium and related subjects focusing on restoration and historic subjects.

Belgian Aviation news is updated monthly with a large selection of both French and Dutch articles and photo impressions with regard to aviation in Belgium. Our authors are less concerned with chasing the latest news; their main interest lies in background articles with a specific focus on the people involved with and the technical aspects of aviation and on aviation heritage. A form on our website allows you to register for our free monthly newsletter in which we shine a light on both large and smaller events and facts relevant to Belgian aviation.

Hangar Flying

FCMA is the webmagazine of discovery in the field of transport heritage (aviation - history - marine - train) photos documentary reports and daily press review.


The objective of the Aerobibliotheque is the dissemination of information with regard to French-speaking aeronautical publications (books, magazines, multimedia), and in some cases even works in a foreign language dealing with aeronautics in the French-speaking linguistic sphere.



Our association 'The Golden Falcon' oversees the 1st Wing Historical Center Museum, whose members are volunteers who proudly maintain the glorious past of the Base de Beauvechain-EBBE, Belgium. Gen Brig Avi e.r. Guy VAN EECKHOUDT,
President The 1WHC evokes the history of the units of Beauvechain Base from 1935 to the present day, emphasizing the presence of the Fighter Air Force from 1946 to 1996. You will be able to observe many planes, but also engines, equipment, carriages and one or the other original specificity. A must for aviation enthusiasts! Telephone: +32 2 442 52 93

The Golden Falcon

Kris Christiaens is a talented Belgian aviation photographer with a passion for military aircraft and old jets. In recent years he specialized himself in air-to-air photography, action shots and night photo shoots. One of his goals is to display the beauty of military aircraft and their impressive power in one single picture. Due to the quality of his work, he already had the opportunity to collaborate with the Belgian Air Force, the Spanish Navy, the US Army and the Royal Netherlands Air Force. In recent years many of his photos and articles have been published in various magazines.

Kris Christiaens

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