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The entire Duke Hawkins series at HMH

The entire Duke Hawkins series at HMH We have a few copies of each title of the very beautiful Duke Hawkins series at HMH - Historical Military Heritage. -


Each of the following book is a photographic portrait of an aircraft in action and in detail :

Sepecat Jaguar - 2017 - 84 pages

Lockheed-Martin F-16 - 2017 - 108 pages

Dassault Mirage 2000 - 2017 - 108 pages

MiG-29 Fulcrum - 2018 - 116 pages

Panavia Tornado - 2018 - 116 pages

Eurofighter Typhoon - 2019 - 116 pages

Saab 37 Viggen - 2019 - 84 pages

Boeing F/A-18 Hornet - 2019 - 140 pages

Lockheed-Martin C-130 - 2019 - 196 pages

Dassault Mirage F1 - 2019 - 84 pages

BAE Systems Harrier II - 2020 - 140 pages

MiG-31 Foxhound - 2020 - 116 pages

Dassault Mirage III/5/50 - 2020 - 116 pages

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk - 2020 - 116 pages

Juan Carlos I Spanish aircraft carrier - 2020 - 108 pages

The spine of each book has a unique design and when placed together, they will form the Duke Hawkins logo. Each year, at least 4 new titles are released. SO DO NOT MISS ANY ! The books are in english, between 84 and 196 pages, in 24 x 24 cm format. Very nice editing work.

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DERNIERS EXEMPLAIRES DE Lignes Droites ou la vie du comte Arnold de Looz- Corswarem

Ce livre raconte le quotidien inimaginable d’un soldat pendant les quatre longues années de la première guerre. Les récits parfois effrayants, mais toujours captivants d’un homme pilotant de petits avions de construction belge dans les cieux d’Europe et d’Afrique. Une mission palpitante  d’Ambassadeur extraordinaire en Grèce en 1934. Les tribulations d’un officier au cours de la guerre 40-45, son internement dans un Oflag en Silésie, et sa libération suivie d’actions de résistance dans le namurois.
Ses rencontres avec Léopold III en captivité, et celle avec le Prince Régent.
La question royale, et le fameux «petit pot fumigène » lancé au Parlement qui valut à mon père son emprisonnement.
Il sera aussi Lauréat du « Trophée National du Mérite Sportif » en 1935, et détenteur d’autres distinctions prestigieuses.
Cet ouvrage, de plus de 300 pages, illustré de photos et documents inédits vous révélera les récits tirés de ses écrits personnels, de coupures de presse,…

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Since 2015, the publishing house has expanded its horizons and specializes in aviation: catalog of museums, postcards, creation of a collection, e-shop old books, management of specialized magazines etc. with the ambition of becoming the first independent Belgian publisher specializing in the field of Belgian aviation.
Belgium occupies an important place in the evolution of aviation and the new PASSION AVIATION collection pays tribute to Belgian heroes, airmen, aviators, inventors and builders.
The books in preparation are made thanks to the passionate collaboration of families and rights holders, the aim being to publish exclusively unpublished documents captioned by specialists recognized by their peers.
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Did you know this?

Sir George Cayley (1773-1857) was first to design an aerofoil and one of his flying machines made the world’s first manned heavier-than-air flight at Brompton Dale, near Scarborough, in 1849. This was more than 54 years before the Wright brothers made the first powered flight from Kitty Hawk Sands in the USA on 17 December 1903. Another machine, which Cayley called a ‘governable parachute’, was flown in 1853 at Brompton Dale, carrying Sir George’s coachman, who on coming back to earth said, “I wish to give notice, I was hired to drive not to fly”.


British Section Officer ( W.A.A.F., R.A.F. ).
Sergeant from New Zealand ( R.N.Z.A.F. ).
Polish corporal ( W.A.A.F., P.A.F. / R.A.F. ).
Flight Sergeant Jamaican ( R.A.F.V.R. ).
Australian Pilot Officer ( R.A.A.F. ).



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